Sunday Run


When your friends are out of town, sick, or busy, it calls for a nice run at a park. Today I had a lot of spare time and decided to drive out of town and take a nice run with an amazing view. Despite the chilly temperate and wind, I had a spectacular time running alone and being able to openly think while enjoying God’s beautiful creations.

Snow Day


At 7am, we packed out bags and headed up to Shaver Lake. This day trip was a long but fun one. It was the first time since Josie, Hannah, Miranda, and I had all seen each other since moving away to college. We went extreme sledding, ate lunch, made snowmen, and had a snowball fight. It was nice being with the girls again and I can’t wait to see what more adventures lie ahead during this winter break!

Longboarding, MacBeth, & Denny’s


This Sunday was a long one. At 1am, Tommy and I decided to go long boarding despite the cold temperature and how late it was. We bundled up and headed out. It was nice to just skate without a care in the world and the wind in my hair. After about an hour and half, we sat on a curb and caught up on life. Once it reached 4am, we decided to head back but suddenly realized we were really lost. Thank goodness for Google Maps or else we would’ve been stranded! We arrived back at Sigma abound 4:30am where we both crashed. Later that day, Faeln, Tyrell, and I went to Hollywood where we saw Macbeth in the ArcLight Cinemas Theatre. The movie was phenomenal by the way! When we were heading out to the car, I noticed everyone pointing at this man who was sitting behind us. We soon learned that it was Jake Gyllenhaal in the flesh! I guess this is common in Hollywood and everyone treated him like a regular, everyday person. We all piled in the car and decided a quick late-night meal and Denny’s sounded delicious. Fae and I ordered pancakes, but while doing this, a homeless man in the corner caught my eye. I overheard the waiter ask what he wanted to eat and the man replied, “I don’t have enough money for food, but is it alright if I have a water and a warm place to sit in for now.” The whole time while eating, I couldn’t keep my eye off this man who seemed to be drawling something on an old, beat-up sketch pad. We got our check and headed to the front but, I turned around and headed straight to the homeless man. I sat down and asked what he was drawling. Once we showed us a few pictures, I offered to order him a meal which he couldn’t deny. It’s crazy. The people you meet in the most unexpected places that have a dramatic impact on you.



Tonight included a myriad of things. The beginning of my day started at night. At 8pm, Faeln, Tyrell and myself went over to Hart Hall for Deck the Haven, which is where the men of Hart Hall entertain people with themed rooms including rides, mazes, games, food, drinks, and much more. After three hours of waiting in lines, eating food, and visiting amazing decorated rooms, we headed back to Sigma. Fae and I met Tommy inside of Sigma where we took off to ice-skating. We arrived at 11:30pm where we paid, got our skates, then headed out to the ice. Ice-skating is tricky, but we all got the hang of it and had a blast! Once our hands were frozen and our feet were aching, we decided to head out. Instead of heading back to Biola, we all decided on going to Krispy Kreme! After eating the best 2am donuts, we headed back. Fae and I were walking over to Sigma where we ran into Tyrell and decided to go look at the organic garden. It was a long, adventurous day, but it couldn’t have been better.

Campus Art

12/07/15- Monday Adventures no matter where you are, what time it is, or what finals you’re suppose to be studying for. Today was one of those random, spontaneous, adventurous days. Tyrell, Oliver, Faeln, myself and other friends saw a poster for the new Star Wars in which it said they were playing the movie by the Grove. What? The movie isn’t even out though? Is probably what you’re saying. This is true. So we decided to go investigate. After what seemed like the longest, coldest walk in my half-size too small brown booties, we finally arrived to four U-Haul’s, people conversing, and Star Wars music. We walked around trying to figure out where we were and what was going on. After making Tyrell get me hot chocolate, we saw a U-Haul that was decorated in all white with the title “Blanc Burger.” Being the curious teens we are, all of us decided to check it out. We soon learned from

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Laguna Beach Trip

12/05/15- Saturday Instead of studying for finals, Fae and I took a little day beach trip to Laguna. We packed up the car and took off for an hour drive down through beautiful mountains. Once we arrived, we found a nice spot on the beach and set up our picnic. We ate lunch, tanned, played soccer, and explored the area. Also, we walked around and observed the little shops. Faeln showed me a cute little cafe called The Orange Inn where we got some delicious shakes! After we finished and watched the sunset, we loaded the car and took off back to Biola.


12/04/15- Friday What an incredible day!! So yesterday I was on twitter and saw that G-Eazy posted a picture of his album signing dates and one happened to be in LA at the I Love Ugly store downtown on Friday. Faeln and I woke up at 8am, left Biola at 9am, and got to the store at 10am. When we arrived, there were only a couple people in line before us. We waited until 3pm for G-Eazy to get there, even though the signing was suppose to start at 2pm, and finally got to see him at 3:30pm. G was such a nice guy and looked thrilled to talk to his fans. He had a smile across his face the whole time we talked as he signed my album and pictures that I printed. Overall, it was surreal to meet my favorite rapper and a day I’ll never forget! (btw go buy his album because it’s his best one yet!!)

Faeln Appreciation Post

12/3/15- Thursday This is a best friend appreciation post to Faeln. Faeln Rose Naughton and I clicked the first time we met and have been great friends ever since. Over these past couple months, we’ve had countless adventures: Canada, The Getty, The Museum of Tolerance, meeting Steve-O, getting tattoos, sitting in a hot tub with David DeLuise, seven hour car rides, sleepless nights, beach runs, bonfires, concerts, binge watching The Office, arts and craft fairs, almost hitting campus safety with a car, late night target runs, Sigma birthday committee, picnics, The Suspension Bridge, Color Me Mine dates, swap meets, magic shows, tennis, ferris wheel rides, cute cafes, Legally Blond & Back To The Future film scenes, Disneyland, paddle boarding, dorm decorating, Fuller House recordings, Sports Nation recordings, 3am iHop, strange musicals, 10,000 steps, Beverly Hills, and more. As you can tell, Faeln and I are basically inseparable and go on many spontaneous adventures. This kind of friendship is rare and valuable.

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