Sunsets & Rivers

01/25/16- Monday

If you didn’t know, I’m an aspiring model with the name of Kimiko. Over this break I’ve had 11+ shoots and plan on continuing while I’m back in Los Angeles (follow me on insta @katiekimiko). This shoot in particular was blog worthy because of how beautiful and scenic it was. The photographer was Maksim Vakarchuk who is an absolute joy to work with!

Sunrise Hike


01/24/16- Sunday

What’s better than waking up at 5:30am and setting out for a sunrise hike? Absolutely nothing! Emily was visiting from Sacramento and wanted to make the most out of her time here, so she thought of the idea to go hike to the top of a mountain and watch the sunrise. As you know, I’m always down to hike but this hike in particular was stunning. You can see for yourself from the pictures!

Solo Hike

01/20/16- Wednesday

When all my friends have started school and are sitting in class, I hike. I’d rather go out and explore this beautiful world than stay inside all day. This hike was well needed. It was my first solo hike. I stopped several times during the hike to listen to the birds sing and watch the cows eat grass. Once I got to the top, I laid down, stared at the sky, and took a deep breath. I enjoy those little things in life like absolute silence and the breeze sweep against my skin. Nature is such a detailed, beautiful thing and I think more people should want to spend time outside. I live for days like this.

Avila Hike

01/18/16- Monday (MLK Day)

Whenever I’m with Cait it’s an adventure no matter what we’re doing. This day we decided to be active and go on a beautiful scenic hike in Avila Beach. This hike was full of dancing, giggling, and amazing pictures. My goal is to hike more and explore nature as much as possible!

Spontaneous SLO Trip

01/17/16-01/18/16: Sunday-Monday

This break hasn’t been as excited as I planned due to the fact that all my friends went back to school three weeks earlier than me. So, Caitlyn was planning on heading back to San Louis Obispo on Sunday night so I packed a bag and joined her. We left around 8pm and arrived at 10pm where we unpacked our bags in the dorms and went out to socialize for the night. The next day, I went out to breakfast with Ross and then went hiking in Avila with Cait. After Cait, Ross, and I went to linner at the Pita Pit where we scarfed down our sandwiches and rushed me to the train station. I made it to my bus on time and set out for a long journey home. The bus ride to Hanford was 3 hours and then I waited 40 minutes for the final train home. I met some unique, nice people during my travels. This spontaneous, little adventure was exactly what I needed.