LA Thrifting


When thrifting, what better place to go than Los Angeles where you can find designer clothing for cheap! Lydia, Faeln, and I first stopped at Urth Cafe where we ate healthy, delicious meals including sandwiches, salad, and fruit. After, we set out to find some thrift stores. We ended up finding a whole street of thrift stores filled with beautiful clothes! On our walk back to the car, we stopped by a local art exhibit and then heading back to Biola where we saw the stunning, cotton-candy city sunset. Overall, it was a wonderful Friday with friends!

Salvation Mountain

02/20/16- Saturday

Woke up at 9, ate breakfast, and took off… again! We left at 10pm and arrived at salvation mountain at 3pm but not before we had a little road trip fun! While driving, we saw beautifully colored flowers so we stopped off to the side of the road several times and picked some flowers. While driving on Route 66, we noticed these rocks that people arranged to look like letters. So we thought, hey let’s do it! We pulled over and happened to find colored rocks that we made into “F + K.” Across the street, we saw this old gas stations with shoes hung over the top and walked over to check it out. We also saw a wall filled with graffiti and then decided to head back to the road.

After our little off the road adventures, we continued on to Salvation Mountain. We pulled into the parking lot around 3pm and quickly jumped out of the car. We began taking a million pictures while chattering about how magnificent this creation is. If you don’t know what Salvation Mountain is, here you go: Salvation Mountain was created by Leonard Knight which is found in the lower desert of Souther California in Imperial County just east of the Salton Sea. “Salvation Mountain is Leonard’s tribute to God and his gift to the world with its simple yet power message… Its 50 foot height and 150 foot breadth is made totally of local adobe clay and donated paint and is truly unique in the United States and probably the world.” It was truly a sight to see! I advice everyone to check it out and see it in person for yourself! ALSO, if you can see by my picture there is a yellow road leading to the top of the mountain that you can actually walk up! After an hour of filled camera rolls, exhausted feet, and newly made friends, we decided to head home. On the drive, we filled out the tank while also viewing dinosaur replicas (I have no idea what this was or why it was by a gas station but it was fun to look at). We pulled into the Biola parking lot at 7pm where we rushed to our rooms to unpack and eat some dinner.

I highly advice going on a road trip with a best friend. Fae and I had so much doing random things, sight seeing, and meeting new people. Yes, Canada was SO much fun, but we also enjoy a road trip every now and then because I believe it is a different traveling experience that everyone has to try!

The Grand Canyon


02/18-19/16- Thursday to Friday

Faeln and I have been dying to go to the Grand Canyon, but things like school and homework have been getting in the way. We went online and decided to just pick a date and book a hotel. We were planning on leaving at midnight of February 18th, but instead decided to leave at 10:30pm so we could catch the sunrise at the Grand Canyon. We loaded up our bags and snacks and took off.

Faeln drove for the first two hours and then we switched. We continued to switch every two hours during the drive. Both Fae and I started off very awake, but we slowly began to get tired. Once it reached 4am and we were driving in the pitch black night… well now morning, we began to feel exhausted. We realized we had been driving all through the night, you know that time where you usually sleep, but we continued to fight through the tiredness. We drove into the park at 7am, parked, ran to where we could see the sunrising and gasped of disbelief. It was the most beautiful sunrise I had ever seen. You could see a bright yellow color peer from behind the multicolored silhouette of the canyon. I kept blinking as if I was gazing upon some kind of unreal picture.

After 30 minutes of just staring silently at one of God’s most beautiful creations, we set off to explore the rest of the park. We drove around and found another breathtaking spot to park at. Once we parked, we got out and followed a trail. After being in the windy, cold weather for a few minutes, I could feel my feet slowly freezing and my teeth chattering. We decided a warm break inside was needed so we entered a little store. There I bought a magnet and a postcard which, for those of you who don’t know, is my thing.

It was now about 9am and we hopped back in the car and continued on a route where we made several more stops. Every view, from all different angles, was incredible. Some say that they look at the Grand Canyon for a few minutes and were easily bored but not us. Fae and I could’ve stayed for hours just sitting in silence thinking the same thing, “Isn’t this just beautiful?”

After hours upon hours of sitting in the cold and staring at the most gorgeous national park we had ever seen, we headed out to our hotel. But since this is a road trip, we did make a couple stops here and there. First we stopped at a cafe outside of the park for some coffee (for Fae of course since coffee disgusts me) and a bagel. We also stumbled upon an area decorated as if we were in an episode of the Flintstones. When we arrived at the hotel at noon, we were told that we couldn’t check in until 2pm. Two hours to kill? We can do that. We drove to Flagstaff where we had lunch, walked around, and looked at little shops. After we headed back to our hotel where we took a well needed two hour nap.

For dinner, we decided to go local. We walked around the city and chose a cute little family owned restaurant. After, we looked at more shops and headed back to get a good nights sleep for another long day to come.

Chinese New Year

02/13/16- Saturday

So this week, Fae and I explored China Town in LA to celebrate Chinese New Year with other Sigmericans. We took the two hour metro there and back, which was a first for us! Even though transportation was longer than expected, we still made the most of it! We all explored the area, bought some fun Chinese things, and threw confetti in the air because why not? Before leaving, Fae and I were determined to be in the parade so we decided to run in front of a float and start waving as if we were apart of it! Overall, it was culturally educational and fun!

Outdoors Kinda Weekend


02/06-07/16- Saturday & Sunday

Saturday was filled with outdoor activities and I loved every minute of it! Fae and I decided to go to Crystal Cove in the morning and hike for two hours then head back to her house for some paddle boarding because we just couldn’t get enough of nature.

Sunday, as most of you know, was the Superbowl. At first I had a shoot planned for this day that ended up being rescheduled which called for a BEACH DAY! We were already planning on going to a friends to watch the game later that day so we decided to head over to Seal Beach for a little tanning, soccer, and homework in the sand. Overall it was a really enjoyable day with great friends!



02/05/16- Friday

Purposefully planning my schedule to avoid Friday classes was one of my best decisions because I get a three day weekend EVERY WEEKEND which leads to more adventures! This Friday Fae, Christian, and I set off to LACMA in Los Angeles for a day filled with art. We saw breath taking photos, incredible sculptures, beautiful paintings, and more! If you’re ever in LA for a week, I definitely recommend stopping by LACMA. Also, bring some friends! It makes for a better time 🙂

Mysterious Tunnel Park Walk

02/03/16- Wednesday

In-between class, Fae and I explored the beautiful city of La Mirada. Today we decided to walk on a path that we’ve never taken which ended up being quite interesting. We started off by following a trail on the Biola campus that took us under a bridge where inside someone had glued or cemented rocks of some sort onto the wall and proclaimed it as the rock climbing wall. Once we went through two tunnels, we ended up in a little park surrounded by trees, a stream, and some people. We decided to walk to the very end of the trail and then come back. It was a relaxing walk and we got to explore new parts of La Mirada that we never knew existed!