New Camera, No Idea

01/10/17 – Tuesday

An evening of sushi, kid’s drinks, rain, hills, and cameras. An afternoon spent with Emily included eating lunch, getting Dutch Bro’s nearby, and taking photos. To catch you up on life, I recently got a new Canon camera and I have literally no idea how to use it. I have never taken any photography classes or owned a nice camera. My spontaneousness came out and I decided to purchase this bad boy so we’ll see if I can figure out this complex piece of technology!

Woodward Park Photoshoot

01/05/17 – Thursday On this beautiful, overcast day, I had the opportunity to shoot with Dino Mangano (@manganophotos). It was a pleasure meeting for the first time and bounding ideas off each other. We decided on a summer look with a dress and an outdoor feel. Only an hour was needed to create some beautiful art at a nearby park called Woodward Park in Fresno, CA. Overall, it was a productive morning of shooting and getting to know a new friend!

I’m Back

Long time no see! Sorry for being away for a couple months. Life got a little crazy and I was working on living in the moment and taking care of myself. I will upload some photos, videos, and short summaries of some adventures I went on during 2016. I promise to post more during this new year and keep you updated on my travels!

As John Muir says, “The mountains are calling and I must go.”