Styles For Less

I had recently bought this top at Styles For Less due to the cute print, style, and low cost. I posted a few photos on Instagram where Styles For Less actually reached out to me and asked if they could also post this photo. With the use of tags and hashtags, you can be featured. People think it’s all about how many followers you have, but in reality, if you take a good photo in a product and make sure to tag them, they will reach out to you for YOUR photo. So tag away!

Click on the link or the photo to see my picture on Styles For Less Instagram!(


Photographer: Ross Arve // Edit by me


Habitual Threads

I want to talk to you about an amazing brand with an wonderful mission.

Haley Vera founded this jewelry line that is now based in Philadelphia. “The first necklace was created as a gift, inspired by a walk through the local hardware store.” This was how the whole idea started. In September of 2016, was launched where the first collection of jewlrey was available for purchase online. My favorite part about purchasing jewelry from this company is that $5 of your purchase goes back to a non-profit organization where you can pick from five basic needs that are failed to be met by people in the area and around the world: food, water, shelter, family and mental health.

She has three main hopes for Habitual Threads : “to share her product and profit with others, to connect people to causes – inspiring awareness, introspection and action, ultimately serving as a catalyst for customers to live with outward focus, and finally, to free individuals from their need through care provided by the partnering causes.”

Overall, HT is an inspiring company with beautiful products where proceeds go back to help those in need. Be sure to go get your jewelry at

Indoor Spin Cycling

Indoor spin cycling has become my new obsession. I currently go to classes at GB3 in the morning where we warm up and have an instructor lead a class. You can go at your own pace and raise your resistance as you feel comfortable. After just three weeks of taking classes six days a week, I can already feel my legs getting strong, my arms getting toner, and seeing an increase in my milage. I advise you to try this new kind of workout and if you need a cycling buddy, let me know!

Here is an example of a workout:

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National Hammock Day!

July 22nd 

Happy National Hammock Day! This day is very special to me now. A year ago I had no idea how to hammock or the positive implications of hammocking. After months of hard work as a Senator, I helped bring hammock stations to Biola University. I had heard lots of students complain about not being able to hammock on campus but nobody knew why. I did some research and found out that you can not hammock on a tree at Biola University due to liability issues and the harm it causes to the trees. This got me thinking, what else can we do then? Student’s really want to hammock and maybe I can help make this happen. I did countless hours of research on how other school’s have hammock area’s. After meeting with Jessica Snow, SGA President, we brainstormed on structures and a layout for these hammock stations. I won’t bore you with all the details, but lots of effort and time went into this project as well as meetings and proposals. Now I am thrilled to see student’s excited and using these hammock area’s that promote stress relief and relaxation. So make sure to hammock on!

If you’re interested in buying a hammock, visit this website for low price, high quality hammocks:

Check out these articles on my journey to bring hammock stations on campus!

Windows On The Water

July 13th // Morro Bay, California


As a tradition, my family goes out to dinner while in Morro Bay on the second night. We discovered a restaurant called Windows On The Water where we have gone for years now ( However, being a vegan can be hard when eating out, especially when you’re going to a seafood restaurant. So here’s what you do: call and make sure they can prepare a good vegan option, once you’re at the restaurant you must let them know right away that you are a vegan and need a special plate, then you thank them! At this restaurant in particular, the chef made me black rice paired with tofu, coconut milk, and greens on top. And it was absolutely delicious! These dinners with good food and even better company are my favorite!


Morro Bay Trip

July 12 – 14 // Morro Bay, California

We all packed our bags and headed to Morro Bay for our annual family vacation. After the two and a half hour drive, we checked into our hotel, got pizza at our favorite local pizza shop, and headed to watch the sunset. The next day we went to a few thrift stores as well as little shops by the bay. (If you look below at the photo of my hand with the ring, you can see what my dad so graciously bought me. The stone is Larimar with a gold band. For more information on the stone, check out this website!

As a family we rested, laughed, and had a wonderful time all together. I advise spending as much time with your love one’s as you can. When I’m gone away at college, I long to hangout with my favorite people and create more memories with them. These couple days with my parents were well needed and so special. Please, please, please tell your loved one’s how much they mean to you and spend lots of time with them.


Pittsburgh Zoo


Who said you’re too old to visit the zoo? The last time I personally visited the zoo was when I was very young and can hardly remember the experience. So the trip was well needed, especially because of my love for animals. However, I am hesitant to go to zoo’s because of the controversies that have been raised about Sea World. All in all, I still went and enjoyed a packed day with friends.

First off, the zoo was HUGE! It felt as if we were walking around forever. It even included a lot of children interactive games, play area, and learning experiences. The only strange thing was that it would randomly rain… and by rain I mean pour. But only for a limited amount of time. I don’t want to give away too much about the zoo so go check it out for yourself!

My top three favorite parts:

  1. The Kangaroo Exhibit: This exhibit allows you to be in a large cage like area with several kangaroo’s and a zoo keeper who you can ask questions. For instance, I am a big animal fun fact girl so I asked the worker what fun facts she knew about kangaroos. She told me that kangaroos are one of two animals that has their babies prematurely. Wait what? Yes! They then keep their babies in their pouch until they mature and come to full term. Okay besides the point, but in this exhibit you are allowed to pet and touch the kangaroos if they come close to you. SO COOL!!!
  2. Stingrays: In this exhibit you could pet stingray simply by reaching your hands in a tank. Not going to lie, I only freaked out a little because I thought they were going to string me but don’t fret, they can’t harm you.
  3. The Prairie Dogs: These animals just cracked me up so of course they’re part of my top three favorite things. But as if this wasn’t enough, you can crawl through these tunnels and get right up close with them! Being a little child, I did this and surprised my friends by popping up in a clear glass tube near the back of the exhibit.


If you want more details on the zoo, be sure to check out their link at:


Thank you for reading!!

Is Your Mouth Watering Yet?

So I have decided that blogging about EVERY vegan meal I eat is just too much. INSTEAD I am going to post a batch of photos where, if you’re interested in how I made them, where I purchased them, or what’s in them, you can shoot me an email and ask me any questions or just talk health! ( & check out my insta at katiekimikoeats)


Semester II: Behind the Lens

I am SO sorry that I lacked to blog a lot during the spring semester. Life get’s crazy and school is very demanding so all my free time went to writing papers, reading textbooks, and occasional adventures. Here are some photos so you can see some of the things I was up to. If you have any questions or would like to hear a specific story on any of these photos, feel free to email me at and enjoy!



Pittsburgh, Niagara Falls, & New York

July 6 – July 10

Pittsburgh, Niagara Falls, & New York

Crazy four days.

Where to start. Well we, being Caitlyn, Steph, and myself, headed to the airport late at night with bags packed for a crazy adventure. We were taking a red eye flights to Pittsburgh which would’ve been okay besides the fact that Spirit has small seats and no leg room which resulted in no sleep. We arrived in Pennsylvania at 6 a.m. where we then rented a car and drove six hours to Niagara Falls. (Shoutout to Caitlyn for driving while I slept in the backseat because I was dead!)

Niagara Falls was jaw-dropping and incredible. It may sound silly to talk about water like this, but I suggest you visit and see for yourself. I also recommend going on the boat tour where you can see the falls from such a different angle and get soaked while you’re at it!

Then a four hour drive to Rochester, New York where we then checked into the hotel and instead of taking a nap, we went straight to a baseball game. After the game we decided to tour the city on foot and go to a local restaurant that was recommended by many called Dinosaur Bar-B-Que ( where there was live music and many laughs shared.

*** Be sure to check out my next post that includes our trip at the zoo as well as a little poem I just posted on the self-love column 🙂