Camden Market, Round II


September 25th // Camden Market, England

Since Fae had been dreaming about eating vegan cookie dough, we made a little trip to Camden Market after class on Monday. We know how to use public transportation pretty well now, so getting there was fast and easy. We walked around the market and shopped a little, buying creative and handmade products. There was one booth that caught our eye. It had a sign that read “#LEAVES NOT LEATHER” and we were drawn in. Instead of using animals, they use leaves that they collect in London and press them into bags, wallets, purses, etc. I bought two small bags, but I know that I’ll be back for more!


After shopping, we went to fulfill Fae’s dream. Remy, as talked about before, was working the stand and made our cookie dough with so much love and kind words. We ended up sitting and talking for hours until the sun had set and we all needed to scurry home. Overall, today included our first day of classes, a beautiful market, delicious cookie dough, and new friends.

Oxford Day Trip

September 24th // Oxford, England 

The girls take Oxford! Today myself, Fae, Anna, Sydney, Ash, and Kaylee all set out for a long day of exploring a new city. We took off around nine this morning to the train station where we then had a two-hour journey to Oxford. Once we arrived, we met up with Kaylee’s friend from high school who is studying abroad at Oxford University and was so sweet to show us around the city all day. We first headed to the Turf Tavern for lunch. This tavern is hidden behind walls and in allies so you have to search a little to find it. But it’s so worth it! The food was delicious and this tavern is a favorite of Elizabeth Taylor, Margaret Thatcher, Stephen Hawking, Oscar Wilde, Thomas Hardy, David Cameron, Emma Watson, Ernest Hemingway, Ben Kingsley, Jack Gleeson, and more! It was also a big hangout spot for the cast of Harry Potter while they were filming in Oxford!  (See my post “Turf Tavern” in the Study Abroad –> Foreign Eats section for more details and photos).

Next, we headed to a small bookstore. Here I got these two books covered in brown paper. The concept behind this is to not judge a book by its cover, which I find to be absolutely beautiful.

For our next adventure of the day, we went and toured a part of the Oxford campus where Kaylee’s friend is staying for the semester. There were gardens everywhere and students sitting on the lawn chatting away. We entered their cafeteria that looked like a scene straight out of Harry Potter.

After, Anna was really wanting to get some high tea. We went to a local cafe where we ordered pastries, tea and coffee which we scarfed down (See my post “Vaults and Garden” in the Study Abroad –> Foreign Eats section for more details and photos).

Post tea, we went to a local museum to see a famous piece. The best part was that the museum was FREE! This is a big hit with broke college students. See the photo below to see Einstein’s blackboard in the flesh!!!


We then went to another free museum full of stuffed animals, animal bones, rocks, and crystals. We decided to tour the rest of the city and headed back home, finishing our day in Oxford with smiles and good company.


Notting Hill

September 23rd // Notting Hill, England

Another day, another city. Today we explored the famous Notting Hill which you have most likely heard of because of the movie. I, however, have never seen this movie and didn’t understand the excitement that Faeln was expressing when she found the city on the map. We took a bus and a train for about 30 minutes over to a street fair in Notting Hill.

We bought a plethora of things like scarves, new shirts, a chest, etc. We also met the sweetest workers who greeted us to Notting Hill and gave us a list of places to explore nearby. The houses were bright beautiful colors and there were flowers in every direction you look. The city had such a unique, but warm feeling to it. I’m sure this isn’t the last we’ll see of Notting Hill!

Vaults and Garden

September 24th // Vaults and Garden // Oxford, England

Could we get more English? We got pots of tea along with coffee and desserts for a perfect, sunny day out in the town of Oxford. We shared lots of laughs and enjoyed a little down time in the city.  This is definitely not the last high tea session in England!

Notting Hill Street Food

September 23rd // Notting Hill, England

Today’s lunch consisted of splitting a vegetable roll and a quinoa arepa at a cute little street fair in Notting Hill. The two items were delicious and very filling! The quinoa arepa included krispy kale, spinach, turtle beans, guacamole, sweet plantain, pico de gallo, topped with homemade limena sauce only made with fresh vegetables.


We then ran into a Starbucks later in the day for some fall drinks which included a turmeric latte and a peppermint mocha.

The Turf Tavern



September 24th // The Turf Tavern // Oxford, England

A delicious lunch in a hidden Tavern. This Tavern is known for all the famous people who have paid a visit to the place: Elizabeth Taylor, Margaret Thatcher, Stephen Hawking, Oscar Wilde, Thomas Hardy, David Cameron, Emma Watson, Ernest Hemingway, Ben Kingsley, Jack Gleeson, and more! It was also a big hangout spot for the cast of Harry Potter while they were filming in Oxford! Fae and I split a side of fries and I ordered the falafel, kale, and quinoa salad which was to die for. The feel of the Tavern was unique and captivating. If you’re ever in Oxford, I highly recommend going!

Gloomy London Morning


September 21st // London, England

This photos says it all. Chipped nail polish, a sweater, a friendship bracelet, a fuzzy blanket, a laptop, & light brown coffee.

Chipped Nail Polish // My life is a little bit of a mess right now as I’m sick and trying to be social during Fresher’s week. A runny nose and sore throat have been hindering me from going out with friends.  This is something only time, rest, and lots of medicine can heal.

A Sweater // It’s cold here. A lot colder than anticipated. This would be fine, but I only have a closet full of dresses, tanks, and a jean jacket. One can only fit so much in a suitcase and have it weight less than fifty pounds. I bought this sweater yesterday at ASDA when I tried to make a solo, independent run to prove to myself that I can do this. I did it. And this sweater proves it.

A Friendship Bracelet // Having friends in my life right now is very much-needed. Being sick means relying on others more than I thought. Also, being in an unfamiliar place is scary, so seeing familiar faces and making memories with friends is so comforting.

A Fuzzy Blanket // The warmth of being in bed reminds me of home, however, when I look up from my bed, I am reminded that this temporary room is only mine for a few months before I head back to California. I am able to still have comfort even in a place where I feel like an outcast right now.

A Laptop // Lots of Netflix. This goes along with being sick and trying to rest, but this laptop and lots of episodes of Gossip Girl has been well needed recently.

A Light Brown Coffee // I’m not a huge coffee fan, but a cup in the morning is the perfect start to my day. I mix in oak milk, honey, chocolate, and sweetener which makes this black coffee a nice, pastel brown.



Side Note // Let’s see if by the end of the semester I’m still drinking watered down coffee with lots of add in’s. Maybe I’ll like the taste of plain black coffee. Maybe I won’t. Only time will tell but I know that I’ll walk away from London in December a new woman.

Smile Cookies


September 19th // Smile Cookies // Camden Market, London

I have heard about eating raw cookie dough, but had yet to try it. Well, today was the day. I got half and half vanilla and cookie dough with chocolate, bananas, strawberries, sprinkles, coconut, and more! Not only was the dessert delicious, but the man working the stand was the most precious, giving person I have met. He asked us the smile questions of, “Are you happy? Why?” After we all answered and gave our reasoning, he encouraged us to keep being happy and doing what we love. His inspiration and kind heart was so inspiring to see. On his tip jar, it also said that the proceeds go back to planting trees. Intreged, I asked him what this mean and where we plants these trees. He explained that the trees are planted in rural area’s all over the world where they can provide shelter, food, and more for those living there. We need more people like Remy, and also more cookie dough stands!


Instagram: @smilecookieslondon


Magic Falafel

September 20th // Magic Falafel // Camden Market, London

A group of six girls took to London today with bellies empty and no expectations of what tonight would bring. Ash had heard that this falafel stand was to die for, so we decided to go try it before we headed to a Fresher’s Week event in the city. Ash, Syd, and I all got our vegan falafels, which we inhaled in seconds, while Anna and Kaylee split a burrito as well as fish and chips while Rose just ordered a burrito. All the food was filling and delicious. Camden Market is a very famous spot in London known for their history, food, and shopping. We got to see this first hand and let me tell you, this is not my last time there!



London Scavenger Hunt

September 16th // London, England

Our group of eight took on our first time in the city today as a group, running around, taking photos, and exploring our new home. We named our group HAWKK FAMM, which is all of our initials combined. Although we didn’t understand all the clues and got sidetracked, we still made our hours in the city fun and worth wild.

Since I am currently sick and stuck in bed trying to rest, I will keep this post short and include more photos than words. Enjoy!


(Jean Jacket Klub takes London)


Group Pictures


I made this short video of our HAWKK FAMM scavenger hunt so press play and enjoy!