11/22/15- Sunday

Today we set out for a little adventure in LA. With only a forty minute drive, we ended up at the Museum of Tolerance. But before we got there, we passed the Los Angeles Times building, and I couldn’t help but take a picture. The Museum of Tolerance is “a multimedia museum in Los Angeles, California, is designated to examine racism and prejudice around the world with a strong focus on the history of the Holocaust. Here we got to hear Elizabeth Mann, a Holocaust surviver, speak about her experience and the torture she endured during the Holocaust and the pains she still deals with today. Her story is truly moving and life changing. At the museum, something clicked. During the Holocaust, America and other countries refused the immigration of the Jews which got me thinking about how today America and other countries are denying the immigration of Islam’s. It feels as if history is slowly repeating itself and it’s our job to make sure that this doesn’t happen. On a brighter note, Faeln and I explored Beverly Hills after visiting the museum. Here we got dinner at an adorable shop called the Coupa Cafe then heading back to Biola. Overall, Fae and I had an amazing day filled with history, good food, and fun!

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