August 29th // Chicago, IL


For lunch, Aisha treated me and Faeln to a delicious meal at “Freds” located in the upstairs room of Barneys department store. I was confused at first when we ended a store full of clothes and bags for lunch, but soon realized why one would put a restaurant in that location. The view was jaw-dropping. There were building surrounding us as we ate our vegan meal (For more details on this meal, read my post “Freds Restaurant” in the Food section of my blog). The meal, plus the view, and the amazing company made this lunch one for the books.



Modern Visit

After stuffing our faces, we went to go buy tickets to the architectural boat tour. On our way, we made a detour to Giradelle where I purchased a few little goodies. We then saw this giant statue from afar and decided to check it out. You could tell by the tall black hat that one man was Abraham Lincoln. To fully understand this art piece, we decided to look it up. As you can tell by the photo, the man who is dressed in more modern attire is holding the Constitution while Abe is pointing out into the city. I interpreted this piece, known as Modern Visit, as Lincoln showing the man how much the policies and laws in the United States has changed. By pointing his
finger, he is addressing the issues in today’s world and is trying to bring back the past by giving the man a copy of the Constitution. This could be all wrong, but that’s how I see it. (Piece made by Seward Johnson)


We then all hopped on the boat for the architectural tour. Aisha has been raving about how she could go on this tour everyday, which I believe she actually would if it wasn’t so expensive. I’ll be honest, I absolutely love tours, but once I step off that boat or leave that museum, I have lost everything I just learned. It’s not like I do this on purpose, it just kind of happens. That being said, I had a wonderful time and learned loads of new information during this tour, but now, it’s harder to remember. Although it was a little dark and gloomy outside today, we still managed to make the most out of being in Chicago!



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