August 28th – Chicago, Illinois 

Look who we ran into! (Well technically we did plan this lunch, but look!) We met Wes in the heart of Chicago for lunch at Hannah’s Pretzels since they offer delicious vegan options. We ordered a “Veggie Bomb” which includes sliced cucumbers, vine tomatoes, fresh avocado, red onions, watercress and organic baby arugula drizzled with house-made dijon vinaigrette on their freshly baked organic whole grain baguette. As well, we got a warm whole grain barley soup with organic whole grain barley, celery, leeks, organic carrots, and organic onions. Both were very filling and warmed our stomachs!

Hannah’s Bretzel is a very interesting shop with an important message. They are trying to change the way we eat. If you’re curious about their purpose, their team, their food and nutrition, their environment, etc., check out there website here:

Find their menu here:


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