Fae and I set out at noon for an unexpected Friday. Last week I saw an advertisement that America’s Got Talent was coming to Los Angeles and that they were giving out free audience tickets. So of course I got Fae and myself tickets. When we arrived at the The Pasadena Civic, there was already a long wrapped around the corner. We stood in line for 20 minutes until we got to where they were handing out tickets (the tickets I got online didn’t have the seat number, but were assigned in person). Faeln, myself, and some other teenagers were pulled aside and given different tickets. It wasn’t until we were inside and getting seating that we noticed they gave the front row and closer seats to young, well-dressed girls. Being young, well-dressed girls, we got a very front row seat right behind the judges who we talked to all night. It was interesting watching all the different acts and talents. Make sure you watch for me and Fae on television when America’s Got Talent airs!!

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