(Pictured Above: Serengetee Izabal Pocket shirt. This fabric is handwoven and helps the indigenous communities of Panajachel.) – Photographer: Faeln Naughton // Edit by Emily Hinch

The History

This semester I decided to embark on a new journey that would change my life. I heard about this company named Serengetee and began doing research online. Once I read their mission statement, I was hooked. For those of you who don’t know, Serengetee was founded in 2012 by Jeff and Ryan after they studied abroad. While they were traveling, they explored markets and began collecting fabrics from countries like Asia, Africa, and Central America. They soon found a way to use these unique and beautiful fabrics to make a positive change in the world. The fabric purchased from over 25 countries supports artisans, their families, and ancient fabric making traditions. Not only does purchasing fabric from these countries help the culture and the artisans, but the company also gives 10% of their profits back to a diverse range of grassroots causes that work to improve lives in their communities.


My Story

After reading about Serengetee’s mission statement and their heart behind what they do, I began looking into becoming an Ambassador where I applied and was accepted! I then struggled to pick out which shirt I wanted because all the pockets, designs, and background information on the fabrics were all so heartwarming. After, I started communicating with other Ambassador’s and figured out ways we could collaborate and make Serengetee more known to the world. This included photoshoots, bonfires, and hangouts. My main goal was to promote Serengetee by first stating the why of the company, as in why they are so passionate about this brand and the heart behind it. I also learned the Serengetee encourages people to step outside their comfort zone and travel to places unknown. As I am wrapping up my time as being a Serengetee Ambassador, I can say that I am proud to have been a part of this company and I will continue to travel more and spread the word of giving back.

Being an Ambassador for Serengetee has influenced my life by giving back, drawing me closer to other’s, and calling me to now study abroad so I can experience these different cultures for myself.

(See if you can catch me featured on Serengetee’s Instagram account (@Serengetee)!)

Visit https://www.serengetee.com to shop for your new apparel and gear!

(Pictured Below: Plane Cap, Travel More Long Sleeve, and the Fabric Co. Tote)

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