September 4th // Munich, Germany

This morning, Fae and I headed to the Munich airport to have breakfast with her uncle. He was about to fly back to San Diego when he heard that Faeln was actually in Munich. With a couple of text messages sent, it was set that we would meet up for an hour since it’s not every day that you get to meet up with your uncle in Germany. After many hugs, cups of coffee, and lots of catching up, we sent Ed on his way and hopped onto the train heading for downtown Munich. Here we walked around and enjoyed the giant buildings decorated with the most detail and sculptures built into the top and side of them. Fae and I both had a craving for some warm, vegetable soup and set out on a mission. Most restaurants were either closed since they were on vacation or didn’t have soup, let alone vegan options, well at least that’s what we could translate from the signs on the doors. We didn’t give up though! After walking blocks, we found the perfect little Italian restaurant where we ordered vegetable soup and a glass of wine (Visit my post “Lago Di Garda” under the Study Abroad –> Foreign Eats section of my blog).


Full and happy, we walked over to Imogen’s work and waited for her to finish up. A couple of minutes later, we jumped on some bikes and followed Imogen as she gave us a tour around the city. This tour included a stop to an ice cream parlor where we bought some vegan raspberry, chocolate chip ice cream (Visit my post “True & 12” under the Study Abroad –> Foreign Eats section of my blog). Next, we biked over to the park where people were laying out, enjoying the warm sun on the grass. But I knew where we were going next, the river surfers. I had seen videos of them on social media and I was stoked to finally see them in person. We parked our bikes and walked a few feet into a giant crowd. There were about four to five surfers on each side of the river and one person in the center of the water, shredding back and forth. They made it look easy. They being professionals of course.



Check out this video below of what river surfing looks like! 



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