September 9th // Schwangau, Germany

A two hour bus ride to one of the most beautiful places I have ever visited. I closed my eyes and woke up to the view of the Alps along with two giant castles.


It’s not everyday that you can go on a short trip to the Alps, so we decided to take advantage of this opportunity. Once we arrived at our destination, we pulled out the bikes from a shed and hopped on for a little hour tour. On this tour, we stopped a few times for photo ops and to learn about the surrounding nature. After, we grabbed lunch at a local restaurant where Fae and I both got salads. Once we were full of lettuce, the group headed up towards the castle.


The tour guides did an amazing job and giving us the history and the reasoning why the castle were built. A fun-fact about the Neuschwanstein Castle is that Walt Disney based the Sleeping Beauty castle off of this one! It is also one of the most visited tourist spots in Germany and the most photographed building in the country.

Overall, the day was long but unbelievable.


Website for the tour can be found here:

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