September 19th // Smile Cookies // Camden Market, London

I have heard about eating raw cookie dough, but had yet to try it. Well, today was the day. I got half and half vanilla and cookie dough with chocolate, bananas, strawberries, sprinkles, coconut, and more! Not only was the dessert delicious, but the man working the stand was the most precious, giving person I have met. He asked us the smile questions of, “Are you happy? Why?” After we all answered and gave our reasoning, he encouraged us to keep being happy and doing what we love. His inspiration and kind heart was so inspiring to see. On his tip jar, it also said that the proceeds go back to planting trees. Intreged, I asked him what this mean and where we plants these trees. He explained that the trees are planted in rural area’s all over the world where they can provide shelter, food, and more for those living there. We need more people like Remy, and also more cookie dough stands!


Instagram: @smilecookieslondon


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