04/17/17 – Monday

IMG_0350.JPG.jpeg (My go-to meal at sushi restaurants // edamame and a cucumber, avocado roll)

You know those things you always crave no matter what time of day it is? Well for me it is pizza, chocolate, and sushi. You’re probably asking yourself, “But wait. You don’t even eat fish.” Correct! But there are still ways of eating sushi and going out with friends while avoiding fish meals. Here is a list of things a vegan can eat at sushi restaurants: avocado roll, cucumber roll (Kappa), avocado & cucumber roll, picked daikon roll (Oshinko), shiitake mushroom roll, white/brown rice, miso soup, edamame, any tofu dishes, salads, any and all veggies, and more depending on what the menu offers!

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