September 12th // GROD // Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen day II called for a local breakfast. Here I got the “Chia Porridge” made with organic almond milk, acas powder and topped with banana, peanut butter, roasted nuts and organic skyr (be sure to ask to make it vegan). Faeln got the “Skyyyyyyr” made with Icelandic yogurt with fresh fruit, GROD’s granola and apple compote (be sure to ask to make it vegan). Imogen got the “Glutenfree 3 Grain Porridge” made with water and organic almond milk, gluten free oats, quinoa, and chia seeds with three more topping of your choice. Not only was the meal delicious (even though I only had three bites because I dislike breakfast but really try liking it), but the shop was also full of plants, food, and candles. What a great start to our morning!



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