About Me




First of all, THANK YOU for visiting my blog! My name is Katherine Kimiko Davis.  I am currently living in Long Beach, California. During the Fall of 2019 I will be attending Vanguard University where I will be working toward earning my M.S. in Organizational Psychology. Recently I just graduated from Biola University with my B.A. in Psychology and a minor in Biblical Studies.

I enjoy living a healthy lifestyle, modeling to stand up for woman who are shorter and more petite, watching The Office, discovering new places, hiking, and promoting self-love. My blog consists of day-to-day adventures in which I invite you to come alongside me in my spontaneous and crazy journeys!


How My Blog Works:

On the left hand side you will see five different categories (travel, food, self-love, & modeling) you can then select a post to read. I try to include links to websites and other articles that I am discussing for you to reference and visit. Feel free to send me an email or make comments if you have any questions!

Instagram: katiekimiko

Email: exploringtheworld.me@gmail.com

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