First of all, THANK YOU for visiting my blog! My name is Kimiko Davis.  I use this blog as a creative hobby where I write and add photos onto this digital scrapbook.

I am currently living in Newport Beach, California but I have a tendency to travel all over the world. I am a business consultant with a degree in industrial-organizational psychology passionate about creating healthier workplaces. I specialize in improving the effectiveness of organizations and enhancing the well-being of individuals within organizations by using research, evaluation, and strategy (https://www.kimikoconsulting.org/). Like I wasn’t busy enough, I’ve decided to also get a Ph.D. in Business Psychology with a concentration in Consulting.

I enjoy living a healthy lifestyle, modeling to stand up for woman who are shorter and more petite, watching Friends, discovering new places, hiking, writing music, attempting to figure out the rubix cube, and promoting self-love. My blog consists of day-to-day adventures in which I invite you to come alongside me in my spontaneous and crazy journeys!

How My Blog Works:

On the top, you will see four different categories (travel, food, self-love, & modeling) where you can then select a post to read. I try to include links to websites and other articles that I am discussing for you to reference and visit. Feel free to send me an email or make comments if you have any questions!

Instagram: katiekimiko

TikTok: kdkimiko

Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/shop/katiekimiko

Linktree: https://linktr.ee/kdkimiko

Email: exploringtheworld.me@gmail.com

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