September 5th – 7th // Prague, Czech Republic

Instead of doing three different blog posts for each day in Prague, I will just divide this one post into three sections based on days. Don’t worry, I will include many photos so you can feel as if you’re adventuring with us in Prague!

Day I

The travel day. Faeln and I met Imogen at the bus station before heading to Prague. The bus ride was scheduled to be around five hours which isn’t too bad, especially when you’re traveling to a different country. Also, trips are so much better when you don’t have to do the driving! We all put our earphones in, closed our eyes, and enjoyed the ride. Five hours later, we were looking out the windows and searching for vegan restaurants to eat at later that night. When we reached our stop, we got off and made our way to the train station where we attempted to figure out where we needed to go without wifi or English. Imogen, being very good with foreign languages and directions, found our train and our stop. Twenty minutes later and we met with our airbnb owner who showed us around, answered questions, and wished us a wonderful trip.

Starving, Fae and I made our way out into the city in search of a vegan restaurant. Only a couple blocks away, we found an adorable and classy restaurant that we plopped down in. We ordered some soup and vegetables that we ate in what felt like seconds due to the post travel hungry belly (Check out the post “Etnosvet” under the Travel à Study Abroad à Foreign Eats section for more details on this dinner).

Day II

The adventure day. We started off the morning by sleeping in and drinking some coffee while the airbnb was filled with jazzy music and warm laughs. Once we decided that we have spent too long inside, we got ready, opened the door, and headed out for wherever today would bring us. We traveled by foot where we got to see so much of the beautiful city from little shops, churches, famous clocks, and more. Once we could feel our feet barking, we let our noses lead us into a donut shop called “Donuterie”. Since there weren’t any vegan donuts, I ordered a delicious hot chocolate (Check out the post “Donuterie” under the Travel à Study Abroad à Foreign Eats section for more photos!)

After hanging out for an hour in this donut store, we said bye to our new vegan friend and continued to walk on. We walked and walked. And walked some more. We ended up crossing a bridge and up a few hills until we all agreed that a late lunch / early dinner was just what we needed. A sign that read “Vegans” drew us in and carried us up a winding staircase. We sat outside and took in the fresh air, mostly because we were winded but still. The view of the city was absolutely worth the trek up those stairs. Not only was the view astonishing, but the food hit the spot (For more details on this meal, be sure to check out the post “Vegan’s Prague” under the Travel à Study Abroad à Foreign Eats section). It was now time to head back as we could see the sun setting and the rain clouds rolling in. Before heading home, we climbed to a lookout where your eyes couldn’t help but cross from trying to look at the whole city, roofs of red, and the river shinning blue. I felt a rain drop and looked up to see humongous black cloud racing towards us. Time to go! We skipped down the hill while a violinist on the street played us tunes and sang to us, eyes locked. We locked back behind us and my jaw dropped. It was something you see in movies and paintings, but never in real life. The sky was flaming red as if it were on fire. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. The rain was now picking up, but we didn’t care because the view was too captivating. The pictures below don’t do it justice.

Prague, CZ




The departure day. We packed up our things, which was only a large purse, and locked the door to our airbnb that treated us wonderful the last two nights. We took a bus over to a vegetarian / vegan café where we ordered lunch outside and were attacked by bees (See my post “Naturezaveget”  under the Travel à Study Abroad à Foreign Eats section for more photos and to see what we ordered.) We walked over to the John Lennon wall where a man was barefoot and playing music for the public on his guitar. After we took in our last moments in Prague, we headed to our next bus and then began our long, five-hour journey back to Munich.


See the video below for the sweet man doing what he loves



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