Tonight included a myriad of things. The beginning of my day started at night. At 8pm, Faeln, Tyrell and myself went over to Hart Hall for Deck the Haven, which is where the men of Hart Hall entertain people with themed rooms including rides, mazes, games, food, drinks, and much more. After three hours of waiting in lines, eating food, and visiting amazing decorated rooms, we headed back to Sigma. Fae and I met Tommy inside of Sigma where we took off to ice-skating. We arrived at 11:30pm where we paid, got our skates, then headed out to the ice. Ice-skating is tricky, but we all got the hang of it and had a blast! Once our hands were frozen and our feet were aching, we decided to head out. Instead of heading back to Biola, we all decided on going to Krispy Kreme! After eating the best 2am donuts, we headed back. Fae and I were walking over to Sigma where we ran into Tyrell and decided to go look at the organic garden. It was a long, adventurous day, but it couldn’t have been better.

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