August 26th // The Observatory, Orange Country

An unexpected night. If you don’t know, I am a terrible music fan. Why? Because I love music, I even have a tattoo of a music note, however, I am horrible when it comes to going to concerts as I lack to keep up with when and where artists are touring. I tend to always just tag along with Faeln and her family since they are avid concert fans. This leads me to tonights story. Lily, Faeln’s younger sister, saw that Banes World was coming to the Observatory in Orange County and bought the three of us tickets to go see them, even though I have never heard of this artist before. Banes World was just the opener, but that didn’t matter to Lily. It was to our surprise that Bane’s friends, who are also musicians and well known boys on Spotify, decided to join in for the night. We, being Faeln and I, stood towards the back while Lily made her way to the front. We swayed and enjoyed the music that we had never heard before. After the last song, we saw Lily run out and try to talk to some of the musicians as well as get a couple photos with them. We were all hanging out while Lily fan girled over the boys. We could see everyone’s attention shift to a man, who to our surprise, was Tyler, The Creator. Tyler is a friend of Bane’s so he came to support his friend, however, Tyler made it clear that he didn’t want to take any photos since today was about Bane, not him, which I think is very mature and awesome. Overall, the night was full of music, Tyler, and good company.


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