August 30th // Chicago, IL

Fae and I had a couple of hours to kill before we needed to head to the airport, so we chose to adventure around the city one last time. We started our journey to Faeln’s favorite cafe that sells the best orange juice, however, when we got there, we read the small “Closed” sign in the front. Still wanting something to drink, we headed across the street to grab some coffee and toast (Read more about this on my “Coffee, Cupcakes, & Airport Food” in the Food section of my blog). After, we continued our walk to visit Fae’s old house, but my nose led us to a cupcake shop where I HAD to get a vegan chocolate cupcake. Now that I had drinken my morning coffee, eaten some toast, and picked up a cupcake, I was ready to see the old Naughton house.

While turning the corner to Fae’s street, we ran into her old neighbor who welcomed us with open arms, even though I had never met him before. He was such a sweet man, talking endlessly about how much he missed Faeln and her family. My heart was full, and to top it off, he made the adorable comment, “Seeing you right now has made my whole entire day. No, not just today. My whole week. Your smile brings light into the world. I will miss you.” To see someone so overjoyed by the pressance of another human was eye watering. We said our goodbyes, checked out the house, then headed to Lincoln Park.

Whenever I hear the words “Lincoln Park”, I think of the band. Bad habbit, I know. But you see Lincoln Park in lots of famous movies so I thought I might as well take a stroll in the park on this perfect day. Bonus, I even got to see an Alexander Hamilton statue that I screamed about in my little girl voice. We sat on a bench, I ate my vegan chocolate cupcake, and enjoyed the view of the lake with tall building in the backround. Perfect, relaxing day before we jumped on plane heading towards Germany.

Stay tuned for crazy adventure in different countries to come!

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