August 27th // Chicago, IL

The start of the journey! Since Fae and I don’t start class until the end of the September, we decided to do a little traveling before we get to London. I have never been to Chicago, however, my dad had lived there when he was younger and Fae went to high school in the heart of Chicago a couple of years ago, so we had plenty of suggestions and activities to do for our three-day trip.

The Flight

Five hour flight here we come! For this flight I listened to music on Spotify that I had downloaded before leaving which included “Dear Evan Hansen” and a couple of chill playlists that I had made. I, personally, don’t like the Apple earphones, so I made the decision to buy Beats which worked magically and didn’t hurt my ears for a change. On the flight, I also tried to sleep a little since we had to wake up early and be at the airport an hour before our flight. I can never actually fall asleep while traveling, but resting my eyes and killing time was very nice. Since this flight wasn’t too long, the resting and listening to music did the job until we touched down in Chicago.


We flew out of the Orange County airport (SNA) around 8a.m. and got into Chicago at 2p.m with the time difference. We then took a Uber Pool (which is must cheater than a taxi) to Faeln’s friend’s apartment where we would stay for the next couple of days. While in the car, I noticed how different the atmosphere already felt compared to California. The structure of the houses were brick and the roofs were more pointed than the one’s in Cali. I was trying to take in all my senses from looking at the city, to the smell of pizza, and even the loud sounds of honking. I was stepping into a new city that I would soon fall in love with.

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