August 20th-23rd // Clovis, California

What an eventful four days it was with my cousin, her boyfriend, my parents, and my dad’s good friend and his girlfriend. It felt like a giant dorm with adults acting like children and lots of food. I am so blessed to have been able to hang out with family before leaving abroad.

This week included watching the solar eclipse, safely of course, which I found to be indescribable. Caitlyn had given me certified glasses that we all passed around to see the moon almost completely cover the sun. After we finished up staring into the sky, we decided to go swimming. This occurred several times. Not the staring at the sky part, but the swimming, relaxing in the pool, and tanning.

Those summer days, the radiance of the sun on your face while catching up with the people you love, are the days I live for.

Not only was laying out on giant avocado and ice cream floaties the best, but my dad had also written and prepared every single meal and snack for the group. If you don’t know, my dad is an amazing chef and prepares every meal as if you were in a five star restaurant. He even caters to my vegan lifestyle and cooks up the most delicious meals. Aside from the swimming and eating, I also had to finish packing for London. Since Violet, my cousin, had studied abroad a couple years ago, she was a professional at helping me pack, which is quite needed since I tend to try to pack everything I own. We made several trips to Target and spent hours narrowing down exactly what I needed. Thank you cousin for your patience and grace with helping me pack and preparing me to live overseas. Also, if you haven’t checked out my recent post “Nail Art” in the “Self-Love” column, be sure to do that to see how talented and skilled my cousin is at designing and painting nails!

Thank you again to my wonderful parents and sister, George & Nancy, and Violet and David for traveling all the way to Clovis to spend time with me before I left. I thoroughly appreciate each and every one of you and love you with all my heart. ❤

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