11/24/16 – Thursday

Thanksgiving. A day in America where we gather with family, eat, then shop all night. However I don’t see Thanksgiving in the same way America does. I despise the fact that we give thanks then go and spend our money. I view Thanksgiving as a time where we can come together with loved ones and give thanks for everything we’ve been blessed with like food, a roof over our heads, our health, etc. Here in the United States and possibly in other parts of the world, we are seeking the next big thing rather than just living in the present. We are always wanting the new iPhone or looking forward to finishing school. Rather we should live in the moment and enjoy the time we’re having right now. If we keep looking towards the future, we are failing to fully enjoy the life we have been blessed with.

I challenge you to stop looking towards the future and remind yourself of all you’ve been blessed with not only on this day, but also the days to come.

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