September 3rd // Munich, Germany

Not your ordinary title for a blog post, you might be thinking. Well those three words were the best ones to describe today’s adventure. I’ll start from the top.

The Palace

Staring off our morning by relaxing and drinking coffee was just what we needed. After enjoying the morning from the porch, Faeln and I headed out on a walk with Imogen’s dog. This isn’t just an ordinary walk though, this was a walk in Germany which included lots of greenery, rivers, many other dogs, friendly faces, and of course, the palace. It’s not every day that you get to take a stroll to the palace. There were many people visiting, taking photos, and walking around the front of the beautiful palace. We walked in front of the pond where swans were posing for photos and even coming up onto land. The combination of these elegant birds with a giant palace behind them is something you would never see in California. We kept walking around until it started to rain, which we were not expecting. This lead to a spring back to the house with our jackets over our heads.


The Museums

On Sunday’s, certain museums in Munich are only 1 Euro. We decided to take advantage of this opportunity and do a little art hop. We first started out by going to a museum that had a special exhibit on Egypt, which is one of favorite area to study in history. There were so many items in the museum that ranged from pottery to statues to coffins to paintings and even more. I couldn’t help but run around with a giant smile on my face, reading about every item and trying to wrap my mind around the fact that these items were hundreds of years old. I could ramble on and on about the Egyptian’s, but I’m sure I’d bore you. After we finished up at this museum, we headed down the street for the next, and last museum since it was already close to 5p.m., and that’s when all the museums close. We hustled inside to make sure we could see a few pieces before they closed. When we went up to buy our ticket, the man said we could just go in for free since it’s silly to pay for only 30 minutes (Thank you sir!). This museum had some walls painted bright pink while others were white and blue. All were paintings of sizes ranging from 2×2 pieces to full, wall length paintings. Not only were the paintings unreal, but the golden frames were captivating as well. I’ll let you check them out for yourself through these photos below.

The Spaceship

After museum hopping, we decided to walk around this part of town that we’ve never been to. Even though most shops had already closed, we decided to window shop and appreciate the cute decorations inside. We ended up going into a church and having a look around. Before we headed out on our study abroad trip, Faeln and I vowed to check out as many churches as possible since people always rave about how detailed and astonishing churches are in Europe, they were right. Legs tired and bellies empty, we headed back to Imogen’s house. On our walk to the bus stop, we spotted a spaceship in the middle of a grass area. Being the children we are, we ran to it and noticed it was an art installation. It looked as if you could go inside of it, but it was closed now. Maybe next time then! I have always wanted to go in a spaceship.


Side Note: Cathy is now my Germany name according to the Starbucks baristasCathy


Ending Note: Look at this cute elderly couple playing catch in the park. I hope this warms your heart just as much as it warmed mine.




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