August 19th

This is my last trip to Vegas this summer I promise! I had to make a quick visit to Las Vegas for a couple days to visit Cait, watch her ball out, and say goodbye before I take off to Europe. The drive to Vegas from Clovis is about a six-hour drive consisting of many podcasts and lots of snacking.

I was able to watch Caitlyn’s first game with UNLV where she scored a goal and the team won! (Fun-fact: I have been to every school season soccer game of Cait’s since 7th grade) The next day we went to Morimoto’s restaurant on the strip in Las Vegas in honor of Caitlyn’s mom’s birthday where I ordered an avocado, cucumber roll, miso soup, and delicious rosemary potatoes.

The trip was short, but very productive and fun. I’ll miss you Cait, but I can’t wait for you to come visit me in London!


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