September 1st, also known as Imogen’s birthday // Munich, Germany

Today we celebrate Imogen. Even thought I just met her, I feel so close to her and can’t wait to see this friendship blossom. So, today is all about this amazing girl.

We start our day by first, exchanging our dollars to Euro’s which is where I learned that I know absolutely nothing about currency and the way money works. This will be a work in progress. Then, we head to Imogen’s favorite vegan pizza shop. When we got up to the door, we saw the lights off and the door locked. We didn’t let this ruin our day though! Down the street was a small restaurant named “The Holy Burger” where we decided to eat instead (Check out my blog post “The Holy Burger” under the Study Abroad —> Foreign Eats section for more details). After, full and content, we headed to the bouldering gym. I have never been bouldering before nor really seen anyone do it. I expected it to be similar to rock climbing, but I was shocked to see that I was very wrong. Okay, quick side note. I am very doubtful of myself when I try something new because I have idea what the expect. Continuing on, I began doubting if I could even do this. It seemed so difficult and I didn’t want to embarrass myself. But today is about Imogen, not me. It was astonishing watching Imy go to town, climbing up, down, and all over. I could tell by the gleaming smile on her face that she was having the perfect birthday, doing what she loved with good company. Realizing we should head home for dinner soon, we returned our climbing shoes and chalk. Since Fae and I were running around yelling, “It’s her birthday!” the workers at the bouldering gym took noticed and offered Imogen a free coffee!


Back to the story, we took the train back to Imy’s, changed, and headed back out the door to a healthy, vegetarian / vegan birthday dinner. Imogen chose to go to “Prinz Myshkin” which was one of the best restaurants I have ever been to (For more details on this dinner and what I ordered, be sure to check out my article “Prinz Myshkin” in the Study Abroad —> Foreign Eats section of my blog). Stuffed, we all headed home to enjoy the last hours of Imogen’s birthday in sweatpants.


Happy birthday to my beautiful friend. I am so glad I got to share your 22nd with you.

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