A couple days ago, Faeln saw an add for Break Bread located in Downtown Los Angeles at the Think Tank Gallery. “The basics: it’s 9,000 square feet of floor-to-ceiling cake sculptures, a life-size ice cream truck with all of it products created completely in hyperrealistic watercolor, a Humanity themed bar and lounge, dining experiences by Feastly, a popup coffee shop by Stumptown, and nightly special events” (breakbreadla.com). I highly suggest that if you’re ever in the area to go check it out but warning, this exhibit ends March 16th!

“Scott Hoven’s ongoing series ‘Cakeland’ addresses society notions of comport, pleasure, celebration and their dark counterparts in the form of carefully crafted artificial cakes. Intended to at once attack and repel, each cake and installation engages the viewer’s emotion with the sense of imminent beauty and satisfaction, quickly followed by impending threat. Materials are chosen according to their own inherent beauty and/or violent. Beautiful fake fruit, switchblades, Swarovski crystals, stiletto heels, and taxidermy jaws are presented with fluffy, delicious looking fake frosting, piped through a pastry bag using traditional cake decorating techniques” (breakbread.com).

After, Fae and I decided to explore LA on this beautiful Sunday afternoon. We drove around, mostly because we couldn’t find parking, and stumbled upon a movie set. We rolled down our window to ask someone what was going on, but I guess everyone else was confused as well. We ended up parking and walking down the street on our way to go watch the recording, but were stopped by a giant crowd of people. Fae asked a man who seemed to be in charge what was happening. He told us, “DJ Khaled is shooting a movie, want to be in it?” So without a doubt we agreed and hopped in the big crowd of people.

When we finished, Fae and I stopped at a cute little Italian restaurant where we ate a salad and a sandwiches. Before leaving, however, I decided to try my first macaroon that was colored purple. And boy was it delicious! I guess you can say it was an interesting, spontaneous day full of new memories.

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