September 2nd // Salzburg, Austria

A 5a.m. wake up call. Do you know what the means? Yes, a long day, but one to remember. Imogen’s parents insisted on us doing the Sound of Music bike tour in Austria, and how could you say no?! We woke up early, washed our faces, and headed to the bus stop where we would then go to the central station and jump on a two-hour train ride. This doesn’t seem too bad, but when you’re jet lagged and get hardly any sleep, the journey can get tiring just in the first hours.


We arrived in Salzburg and immediately began walking around before our cycling tour started. Imogen’s dad looked like a child in a candy shop showing us all around while we slowly began to recognize scenes from the movie. But now it was time for the tour!

The tour was about three and a half hours long, but you’re not on the bike the whole time. Our guide was a sweet, younger lady who made the trip worth-wild. We stopped at about seven different locations where she would then set up a scene from the movie and begin singing a song, which we soon all began to sing as well with her. We stopped in the town and had a little lunch break as well as bought a few postcards and magnets. Back on the bikes, and the tour continued. I don’t want to give all the details, so I’ll let you go on the tour for yourself. But I highly recommend going to Salzburg and taking the tour! Their website can be found here:





Post Sound of Music Cycling Tour

We traveled all this way, so we thought we’d wander around the city more. Imogen’s dad showed us THE most beautiful church I’ve ever been in. It was huge and so detailed. I lack the best words to describe it so i’ll just show you instead…

















Mozart’s Home

We also passed by Mozart’s home, which I would’ve completely walked by if Imogen’s dad didn’t stop us and point it out. The bottom is used as just a regular convenience store. I’m surprised they were allowed to do this on such a historical site. Overall, it was cool to stand where the great, Mozart used to stand and walk the same street as him.



After a cup of coffee, it was time to head home. Thank you Salzburg for your beauty, Sound of Music, Mozart, and new memories.




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