September 1st // Munich, Germany

Burgers and Beer. The three of us ordered three different vegan burgers so we could try all of them! The three burgers included: The Holy Princess (chickpea, carrot and herb patty, cucumber, olive and caper tapenade, homemade tomato relish), Holy BBQ Beans (black bean patty, jalapeño, guacamole, ginger bbq sauce, homemade tomato relish), and the Holy Seitan (smoked seitan, cucumber, avocado cream, mango chutney). I have to say, the Holy bbq bean burger was by far the best because I enjoy a nice black bean patty, spice, and guac! Also, since we haven’t had a German beer before, Imogen suggested that we order the Radler to start our beer journey (which was pretty good!) The restaurant was small, but it had photos of famous singers all along the walls as well as the nicest workers.


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