August 29th // Chicago, IL

The day has come. My dad bought Fae and I tickets to a Cubs game about a month ago and I have been dying to see my boys play in person. I told my dad to just get us cheap seats in the outfield, but my dad, being the amazing man he is, wanted to get us the best seats possible. We ended up sitting in the sixth row behind home base where we were up close and personal with the players.

From the second you start walking towards the gates, you can feel the high energy of fans rushing inside to grab their seats. My eyes were locked on the giant red neon sign that states “Wrigley Field. Home of the Cubs.” with the score below it.

Wrigley Field

Fae and I entered the stadium and run to find our seats to find out that our view is mind blowing. You can see the whole stadium and even the sweat coming from the player’s brows. We watched a few innings and then got up so we could wander around the stadium and take in Wrigley Field. Everyone was getting food wearing their Cub’s shirts, hats, and jerseys and my heart was so happy. I felt at home. All these people were true fans, my kind of people. After adventuring around the stadium, we fled back to our seats to watch the Cubs win, yet again. My favorite part was the ending song. Everyone stood up on their chairs, whipped out their Cubs win flag, and sang together as one. I am including a video below so you can see what I mean.


After the game, Fae and I wandered around Chicago for some late night food and found “The Doll House” where we got rice and vegetables. For more about this meal, go to “Late Night Eats” post under Food for more details!

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