When class is canceled, Fae and I go to tapings of shows in Los Angeles because why not?! While in line waiting to enter the studio, I saw an old friend named Corbin Bricks who I ended catching up with while waiting. After a little over an hour, we entered the studio where Fae and I were seating in the FRONT ROW! And by front row, I mean the red chairs front row! If you don’t believe me, feel free to watch the episode where you’ll see us directly in the front. The MC of the night was so energetic and kept us laughing and smiling throughout the whole night. While in-between breaks, Reggie Watts throws out shirts to the audience that Fae and I ended up catching! We talked a little with James and also Lea Michele and Ginnifer Goodwin who were the guests of the night. The whole event was so surreal and a memory both Fae and I will NEVER forget

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