I want to talk to you about an amazing brand with an wonderful mission.

Haley Vera founded this jewelry line that is now based in Philadelphia. “The first necklace was created as a gift, inspired by a walk through the local hardware store.” This was how the whole idea started. In September of 2016, habitualthreads.com was launched where the first collection of jewlrey was available for purchase online. My favorite part about purchasing jewelry from this company is that $5 of your purchase goes back to a non-profit organization where you can pick from five basic needs that are failed to be met by people in the area and around the world: food, water, shelter, family and mental health.

She has three main hopes for Habitual Threads : “to share her product and profit with others, to connect people to causes – inspiring awareness, introspection and action, ultimately serving as a catalyst for customers to live with outward focus, and finally, to free individuals from their need through care provided by the partnering causes.”

Overall, HT is an inspiring company with beautiful products where proceeds go back to help those in need. Be sure to go get your jewelry at http://www.habitualthreads.com/ourstory/

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