July 12 – 14 // Morro Bay, California

We all packed our bags and headed to Morro Bay for our annual family vacation. After the two and a half hour drive, we checked into our hotel, got pizza at our favorite local pizza shop, and headed to watch the sunset. The next day we went to a few thrift stores as well as little shops by the bay. (If you look below at the photo of my hand with the ring, you can see what my dad so graciously bought me. The stone is Larimar with a gold band. For more information on the stone, check out this website! http://www.vinow.com/blog/st-thomas/the-story-of-larimar-the-caribbean-gem/)

As a family we rested, laughed, and had a wonderful time all together. I advise spending as much time with your love one’s as you can. When I’m gone away at college, I long to hangout with my favorite people and create more memories with them. These couple days with my parents were well needed and so special. Please, please, please tell your loved one’s how much they mean to you and spend lots of time with them.


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