i love this campus


filled with students from all around the world

different ascents,

different languages,

different dressing styles,

different majors,

different viewpoints,

different everything.


i find beauty in the pond

swans roaming the area

the sunset reflecting on the water

people always sitting on the benches

enjoying these few seconds of nature


this place,

my new home,

is filled with so much beauty


i remember stepping on campus

and being so unfamiliar with the university,

getting lost constantly

asking for directions

and being scared of finding classes


but now i now know my way around

things are more familiar

and i can’t imagine myself anywhere else


but i know that i leave soon

and my heart sinks

at the fact that i have to leave this home of mine

this place where i am now comfortable

and go back to my real home


as if this were all a dream,

a wonderful, magical dream


i am surrounded by beautiful people

a beautiful campus

and a beautiful life.


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