It is so easy to get lost in the busyness of a day or the craziness in life. The stress of not feeling caught up on school or work is usually stemmed out of failure to time manage. However, I use the term “failure” here loosely. You have not failed, but rather lost track of your time. Here are some steps to getting back on track:

  1. Recognizing that you have lost track of time
  2. Making a goal list for yourself
    • Better grades
    • More time with friends
    • Earn more money
  3. Outlining how you will meet these goals
    • Study more and earlier for exams
    • Don’t procrastinate; finish homework before it is due
    • Choosing to work or pick up more hours
  4. Prioritizing
    • School work comes before Netflix, however make sure to take breaks and treat yourself
    • Sleeping always sounds better than going to work, but working hard will pay off
    • Even though this step can be the hardest and most challenging, once you learn how to properly prioritize, you will enhance your time management immensely
  5. Applying!
    • Now that you have recognized where you are lacking on how to time manage, made a goal list for yourself, outlined how you will better make use of your time, and learned how to prioritize the time you have, you are now ready to go out in the world and get ahead on homework or make more time to hangout with friends!

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