I have been in Germany for a total of 11 days now and have noticed a lot of differences between here and America. There are large differences and very small differences. Some you really have to look for while others are so blatant. If you’ve ever lived in both Germany and America you might be able to recognize some of these differences, but if you haven’t lived in both of these locations, I thought I’d fill you in.

The Language

  • It is rude to just start speaking English to people
  • Even if you try speaking Germany, people will be able to tell your from America
  • If people notice you’re from America, they will just start speaking English to you
  • A lot of people speak English
  • Always ask for an English menu to make your life easier


The Currency / Moneycurrency

  • One and two Euro’s are in the form of coins rather
    than dollars
  • The Euro is stronger than the dollar
  • One Euro is about 1.20 in America
  • Most people refuse to take an “American Express” card so make sure you always have cash





The Streets

    • Everyone parks up on the curbs since the streets are so narrow
    • Always watch for bikers
    • There is a specific bike line and specific walking lane. This is an unspoken rule. Bikers will yell and ring their bell at you if you are in the bike lane so watch out!
    • You never cross the road unless there is a cross walk. Also, nobody breaks the rules and crosses on red


Paying for the Bill

  • Make sure to have cash. It’s an unspoken rule that they prefer cash over card in Germany
  • The waiter gives you your change at the table
  • How to tip: Just include the tip when you’re paying for your meal. If you leave money on the table, they won’t assume it’s a tip. They will just think you just forgot it




Drinking Age is 16

  • Fermented drinks like beer or wine are permitted above 16
  • You must be 18 or older to order distilled alcohol
  • Common to drink at any time of the day
  • Germany is known for their beer
  • Fun fact: Oktoberfest doesn’t really occur in October. It starts September 16th and runs until October 3rd


Less Toilet Water

  • This is because Germany likes to save water
  • You either press the small button, for pee, or the big button, for poop, when flushing
  • Public bathrooms: they make sure there are no cracks between the doors and the wall. Germanys are private people so they even make their bathroom stalls very closed off and private


More Public Transportationpublic transportation

  • You can get anywhere with the use of trains or buses
  • You need to purchase a card depending on how much you’ll be traveling. You will then stamp this card before getting on a train or bus
  • “Blackriders” are those who don’t pay for public transportation
  • There are freelance spies whose job it is to catch those not paying
  • Those 20 years and younger only need to stamp their card once while everyone 21 and older needs to stamp their card twice per ride
  • People driving will hardly honk. They take honking very serious


Quiet Culture

  • Most people keep to themselves
  • Germans are quiet and don’t speak very loudly
  • It is seen as impolite to speak loud in public settings





Castles and Palaces

  • Very famous castles
  • Palaces are common
  • Many people visit these castles and palaces everyday as you can pay to go inside
  • They contain so much history
  • It’s as if you’re in a fairytale






  • Bike tours are a must
  • Everyone rides bikes without helmets
  • Biking is called Cycling
  • Sometimes its fasters to ride a bike than take public transportation


The Rules

  • Germans stick to the rules! Most people never even think about crossing the street until the little green man tells them it’s okay to do so
  • Germans go on vacation, go crazy since they are free to break rules, then come back to Germany because they miss the law and order





  • Gorgeous
  • Usually free to go inside
  • They have a distinct color roof with a point so you can find them anywhere in the city
  • Be sure to check out their beautiful interior
  • All churches are so unique and gorgeous in their own way


Time Difference

  • Germany is nine hours ahead of California
  • They use military time
  • Jet lag is a thing. I can attest.
  • Facetiming family can get hard. You either have to call really late at night or not at all



  • Most doors don’t have handles. You unlock the door and then push it to open rather than turning a knob
  • The doors don’t close evenly with the wall





  • You never really know if it’s going to be sunny or rainy. The weather changes every second
  • Germany uses Celsius instead of Fahrenheit
  • Always carry an umbrella


Sunday’s Are For Rest

  • Everything is closed on Sundays, and when I say everything, I mean everything. Make sure you do your grocery shopping on Saturday!
  • Germans enjoy their time off so Sunday’s are strictly for resting


Cable Adapters

  • AdapterMake sure to get an adapter before traveling! The one’s in Germany are very very different
  • You can purchase these an Amazon, Target, TJ Maxx, etc.





  • There are a lot of them
  • Most people don’t keep their dogs on leashes
  • You never hear dogs barking
  • They are all adorable





  • Lots of bread. Bread for breakfast, bread for lunch, and bread for dinner
  • Ice cream shops everywhere. Even when it’s raining, people want their ice cream
  • There are less fruits and vegetables
  • Germans don’t snack as much. Rather, they eat three big meals a day
  • You need to try the beer. Mind. Blowing
  • Wine or beer with every meal is a must
  • Water at restaurants is NOT free



  • starbucksYour Starbucks card won’t work in Germany, just a heads up
  • They might not speak a lot of English so if your name is Katie, they will call you Cathy. Accept it now.



  • These sounds very different. It’s a higher pitch and seems to echo as they drive away
  • Not heard very often
  • Police cars and ambulances look different, of course


License Plateslicense plate

  • This is harder to describe so here’s a picture
  • Also, people have very nice cards since most people take public transportation
  • Licese plates are similar in different countries, however, you will see little changes in color, arrangement of numbers and letters, and different symbols



  • Any bar you walk into you’ll see some futball
  • Germanys are very proud of their national futball team
  • Futball. Not football.


These are just a few of the differences I noticed while being in Germany! Thank you for reading and if you have any comments, questions or concerns, be sure to email me at exploringtheworld.me@gmail.com 🙂

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