12/04/15- Friday

What an incredible day!! So yesterday I was on twitter and saw that G-Eazy posted a picture of his album signing dates and one happened to be in LA at the I Love Ugly store downtown on Friday. Faeln and I woke up at 8am, left Biola at 9am, and got to the store at 10am. When we arrived, there were only a couple people in line before us. We waited until 3pm for G-Eazy to get there, even though the signing was suppose to start at 2pm, and finally got to see him at 3:30pm. G was such a nice guy and looked thrilled to talk to his fans. He had a smile across his face the whole time we talked as he signed my album and pictures that I printed. Overall, it was surreal to meet my favorite rapper and a day I’ll never forget! (btw go buy his album because it’s his best one yet!!)

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