11/06/16 – Sunday

When in doubt, beach it out! Today Faeln and I decided to check out Laguna’s Thousand Steps Beach. It can be a little tricking finding the beach, however. Just type in Laguna Thousand Steps into your Google Maps and it should pop up! You can park on the side of the 1 on the Coast Highway and walk over to the entrance of the stairs.

The beach is reserved and quiet, which is nice when you want a calm beach day. The sound of the waves crashing and laugher from nearby strangers was soothing. We read our books and enjoyed a day of peace. All of Laguna is nice, but this beach is famous for the long stair case (Me and Faeln attempted to count the steps but we lost track. It’s not 1,000 steps though!) Going down the stairs was much more fun than the trip back up so be prepared for a slight workout.

Book in the photo: Love Kindness by Barry H. Corey

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