12/07/15- Monday

Adventures no matter where you are, what time it is, or what finals you’re suppose to be studying for. Today was one of those random, spontaneous, adventurous days. Tyrell, Oliver, Faeln, myself and other friends saw a poster for the new Star Wars in which it said they were playing the movie by the Grove. What? The movie isn’t even out though? Is probably what you’re saying. This is true. So we decided to go investigate. After what seemed like the longest, coldest walk in my half-size too small brown booties, we finally arrived to four U-Haul’s, people conversing, and Star Wars music. We walked around trying to figure out where we were and what was going on. After making Tyrell get me hot chocolate, we saw a U-Haul that was decorated in all white with the title “Blanc Burger.” Being the curious teens we are, all of us decided to check it out. We soon learned from the paint everywhere and the plastic burgers that this station was made specifically for people to decorate/paint a white, plastic burger and add a picture of their creation onto Instagram. So we did just that! After visiting that U-Haul we looked around more until we come upon another U-Haul in which you ordered a meal then used a waffle iron to smash it all together. At this point, over a half an hour had passed and we were all cold, tired, and ready to head back. On our way to Sigma, however, we saw that  a new art exhibition was up. So of course we had to stop by and take a look. It was beautiful. The room filled with two different artist’s work: one being knots and the other being unique paintings that incorporated string. They also had incense burning which added to the whole hippie vibe. After exploring this art exhibit, we headed out and back to Sigma. This time a noise caught our attention. By the Fireplace Pavilion there was a girl singing and playing guitar beautifully. We stopped and listened for a little until we all decided our bodies were freezing to death. It’s cool to see where random adventures with friends lead to. This one in particular dealt a lot with art, beautiful creative art. It’s little things like this that make Monday’s worth living for.

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