11/05/16 – Saturday

Scuba diving let alone doing anything involving water is not me. I am terrified of surfing or even swimming out into the ocean. Then what made you want to get your scuba diving license you might ask? Well a couple friends last year told us that getting your scuba license counts as a PE credit a Biola University. So me and Faeln decided to face our fears and get scuba certified!

Getting scuba certified is half the cost of a regular PE class at school. The money you pay to Pacific Dive Training (http://www.pacificdivetraining.com) goes to renting equipment, paying the instructors, and getting a hard copy license.

“The Open Water SCUBA Diver Course includes:

  • Online theory and academic study (basically just an online class)
  • 1 Orientation Session, Quick Review of the Online Course, and Swim Test (this is just the first day of the in person class)
  • Gear Workshop
  • 2 or 3 Pool Sessions (depending on the needs of the students)
  • 4 Open Water Ocean Dives, usually conducted over 2 days (four to five hours each)
  • Individual live web and phone support
  • Rental Gear
  • PADI Processing Fee”1

So you complete an online course, take a swim test, complete an in person exam on the online course, 2-3 pool sessions, and 4 open water dives and bam! You’re scuba certified. With the help of amazing instructors, Faeln, and newfound friends, I am now able to scuba dive anywhere in the world and for life!

If you have any questions or want to chat about becoming scuba certified or want to go dive together, please message me!

1: http://www.pacificdivetraining.com

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