September 21st // London, England

This photos says it all. Chipped nail polish, a sweater, a friendship bracelet, a fuzzy blanket, a laptop, & light brown coffee.

Chipped Nail Polish // My life is a little bit of a mess right now as I’m sick and trying to be social during Fresher’s week. A runny nose and sore throat have been hindering me from going out with friends.  This is something only time, rest, and lots of medicine can heal.

A Sweater // It’s cold here. A lot colder than anticipated. This would be fine, but I only have a closet full of dresses, tanks, and a jean jacket. One can only fit so much in a suitcase and have it weight less than fifty pounds. I bought this sweater yesterday at ASDA when I tried to make a solo, independent run to prove to myself that I can do this. I did it. And this sweater proves it.

A Friendship Bracelet // Having friends in my life right now is very much-needed. Being sick means relying on others more than I thought. Also, being in an unfamiliar place is scary, so seeing familiar faces and making memories with friends is so comforting.

A Fuzzy Blanket // The warmth of being in bed reminds me of home, however, when I look up from my bed, I am reminded that this temporary room is only mine for a few months before I head back to California. I am able to still have comfort even in a place where I feel like an outcast right now.

A Laptop // Lots of Netflix. This goes along with being sick and trying to rest, but this laptop and lots of episodes of Gossip Girl has been well needed recently.

A Light Brown Coffee // I’m not a huge coffee fan, but a cup in the morning is the perfect start to my day. I mix in oak milk, honey, chocolate, and sweetener which makes this black coffee a nice, pastel brown.



Side Note // Let’s see if by the end of the semester I’m still drinking watered down coffee with lots of add in’s. Maybe I’ll like the taste of plain black coffee. Maybe I won’t. Only time will tell but I know that I’ll walk away from London in December a new woman.

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