August 16

As you may know, or not know, I have been working hard for the past two years on my modeling career. This can be hard since I am a full time student and work, however, I have decided to make modeling a priority in my life and not stop until I have accomplished what I set out to do. I get backlash from people who say that I’ll never make it or that I’m just an “Instagram model”, but what I’m doing is bigger than just me. I am trying to change the modeling industry and promote woman empowerment through all different races, sizes, and height. I could go on and on about my mission and purpose, but I will let you read the post “My Story.” in the modeling section of my blog for more information on that.

I truly believe social media can be used for a good purpose, however, it can also be used with bad intentions. I have set out to use my social media platforms to promote self-love and remind everyone of how special they are. This being said, I use my Instagram and Facebook half for life updates and the other half to show my art through modeling to the world. When I first began uploading modeling photos, I felt foolish posting photos of just myself and worried about what other’s thought about my appearance. I was quickly reminded by my friends and family why I was doing this and pushed through my fear of backlash. It wasn’t until a couple months of posting that I began to hear from brands and companies. People in charge of marketing and ambassador programs reached out via direct message on Instagram taking interest in how we could partner together. This was just the beginning. For more information on my partnerships, ambassador programs, and more, check out my other articles titled “Hashtag Sunglasses”, “Serengetee”, “Sand Cloud”, “Karma Bikinis”, “Serengetee Part II”, “The Elephant Pants”, and more under the “Modeling” section of my blog.

A couple weeks ago, I got a message on Instagram from @puravidabracelets from Diana who is part of their Social Media team. She wrote me wondering if I’d be interested in receiving a care package from them. I emailed her right away saying I was more than happy to receive a care package and partner with them. I chose some of my favorite bracelets and in a week, I had a package at my door step from Pura Vida. I called up my friend Emily Hinch and told her we needed to shoot these bracelets right away. But I wanted it to be special and scenic. We made a plan and drove up to Yosemite before the sun rose to get the best shots. The view was absolutely breath taking. Standing at the edge of the cliff, you could see the sun creeping up the back of half dome while listening to the gust of the waterfalls flowing. What a perfect spot to take photos of Pura Vida Bracelets, capturing the uniqueness and beauty of the products.

Thank you to Pura Vida for this opportunity and partnership! Be sure to shop for your rings, bracelets, necklaces and more at their website and join their monthly club for just $14.95 a month where you will receive 3 exclusive bracelets delivered to your door!

Pura Vida’s Story can be found at I highly suggest reading it and seeing how two friends made this dream of theirs into a reality!


Other Notes

  • (Pictured above is “Platinum White” – )
  • (Pictured above is “Black Arrowhead Vanilla” – )
  • (Pictured above is “Rose Gold Mandala Seafoam” – )
  • (Pictured above is “Black Lotus Silver” – )
  • (Pictured above is “Silver Cactus – Down South” – )

Photographer: Emily Hinch

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