September 6th // Vegan’s Prague // Prague, CZ

Miles on foot and hours of exploring calls for a delicious dinner with a view. Today after walking for what seemed like a whole day, we decided to wander around Prague for some vegan food. It’s neat to be able to turn a corner and run into a vegan or vegetarian cafe since that’s not so common in America. As we were walking, we looked up and saw the sign “Vegan’s” so as a collective group, we decided that this was our dinner spot for the night. Not knowing the climb we were getting into, we started up the spiral staircase where step by step, we lugged our tired and sore bodies to the top level where we perked up when the smell of warm food hit our noses. We specifically asked for an outside table to one, cool off from the trek up the stairs, and to reward ourselves with a balcony view of Prague. We all ordered lemonade that came with some fresh herbs, a lemon, and raspberries that I took down in one sip. Faeln and I ordered an Indian dish with fried rice and grilled vegetables, tempeh, and home made teriyaki dip while Imogen got a carrot bread, hummus, avocado sip, sweet potatoes, zucchini, leek, corn, coriander, and roasted pepper veggie burger that came with a small side salad. As we ate and looked at photos from the day, we started hearing this buzzing noise. Before we knew it, a few bee’s were flying into our lemonade glasses! This was the start to a long couple of days followed by bee sightings and runnings (us running away from the bee’s of course).

Check out the restaurant’s website here:

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