August 16

If you’ve read my other article titled “National Hammock Day!” you might understand this post a little better. But I’ll attempt to catch you up in a couple of sentences. 1) I worked on getting hammock stations on campus at Biola University. 2) I did it. 3) I connected with Trek Light Gear for a discount on a big bulk purchase. 4) Myself and Trek Light Gear are now friends and partners. 5) Side note, I had never hammocked before this experience. (Yes I just made “hammocked” a very and a new word)

So I have now caught you up and can begin this story. I emailed Seth Haber, founder and owner of Trek Light Gear when I saw an article regarding their mission to start bringing their hammocks to school’s all over the United States. I reached out asking what their prices would be for a large bulk order for hammocks as I did with Eno and other similar hammock companies. Seth was fast to reply and thanked me for reaching out. After the quality of service determined by the promptness of receiving emails and generosity as well as price, I decided that Trek Light Gear was the perfect partner for this project. We discussed specifics and then I put in a large order for hammocks and rope kits.

When the package arrived I was surprised to see stickers and a t-shirt included in the package. I thought that maybe Seth made a mistake and accidentally put too much in the box. However, Seth explained that it was a thank you to me for the hard work and dedication I put into this hammock station project. My eyes filled with tears as I tried on my new shirt and passed out stickers to those involved in the project.

I decided to do a little shoot in my hammock and t-shirt to promote Trek Light Gear on social media as well as write this post solely dedicated to them. Thank you Seth and Trek Light Gear for your high quality products, your passion for what you do, and your generosity. Be sure to get your hammocks, apparel, and other gear at their website and help support local businesses!

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