September 25th // Camden Market, England

Since Fae had been dreaming about eating vegan cookie dough, we made a little trip to Camden Market after class on Monday. We know how to use public transportation pretty well now, so getting there was fast and easy. We walked around the market and shopped a little, buying creative and handmade products. There was one booth that caught our eye. It had a sign that read “#LEAVES NOT LEATHER” and we were drawn in. Instead of using animals, they use leaves that they collect in London and press them into bags, wallets, purses, etc. I bought two small bags, but I know that I’ll be back for more!


After shopping, we went to fulfill Fae’s dream. Remy, as talked about before, was working the stand and made our cookie dough with so much love and kind words. We ended up sitting and talking for hours until the sun had set and we all needed to scurry home. Overall, today included our first day of classes, a beautiful market, delicious cookie dough, and new friends.

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