July 6 – July 10

Pittsburgh, Niagara Falls, & New York

Crazy four days.

Where to start. Well we, being Caitlyn, Steph, and myself, headed to the airport late at night with bags packed for a crazy adventure. We were taking a red eye flights to Pittsburgh which would’ve been okay besides the fact that Spirit has small seats and no leg room which resulted in no sleep. We arrived in Pennsylvania at 6 a.m. where we then rented a car and drove six hours to Niagara Falls. (Shoutout to Caitlyn for driving while I slept in the backseat because I was dead!)

Niagara Falls was jaw-dropping and incredible. It may sound silly to talk about water like this, but I suggest you visit and see for yourself. I also recommend going on the boat tour where you can see the falls from such a different angle and get soaked while you’re at it!

Then a four hour drive to Rochester, New York where we then checked into the hotel and instead of taking a nap, we went straight to a baseball game. After the game we decided to tour the city on foot and go to a local restaurant that was recommended by many called Dinosaur Bar-B-Que (http://www.dinosaurbarbque.com/bbq-rochester) where there was live music and many laughs shared.

*** Be sure to check out my next post that includes our trip at the zoo as well as a little poem I just posted on the self-love column 🙂

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