• Everything is more expensive
  • Currency is different, of course. They use Danske Kroner so $1 in America is 0.16 Danish Krone
  • They prefer exact change


Public Transportation

  • It is so expensive! A one-hour card use is five U.S. dollars, which is an insane amount compared to America
  • The biking is crazy! There are so many people biking, so be sure to wear a helmet and be prepared for fast pace cycling
  • There are quiet zones on trains
  • You can buy public transportation tickets in 7/11
  • There are special spots to put your bike in on the train
  • You can use the ramps they have to help bring your bike up the stairs to the train stations



  • kittyThe people are very friendly and hipster
  • All the shops are small and narrow, but very cute!
  • More of quiet culture, but the people still love to interact
  • Friendly cats







  • They are vibrant colors and the doors are absolutely beautiful (as you can see from the photos above)
  • The door handles aren’t straight. Maybe because they’re old, they kind of slouch down
  • Stairs are very common
  • In the airport, there were sinks in the bathroom stall
  • The trash cans are just a bag instead of a bin
  • Public bathrooms reuse their hand towels (See video below)








  • Lots of vegan options
  • Food can also be very pricy so watch out
  • The grocery stores are aren’t as organized or clean (The ones we went to at least)
  • Most restaurants provide blankets for if you are sitting outside and get cold
  • Fancy 7/11’s

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