Another day, another flight. This time we are off to Copenhagen which is one of those locations you see on calendars, on screen saver, etc. I will include our whole three-day trip here along with photos. Enjoy!

Day I

The arrival day – We woke up early, carried our luggage down the stairs, and were off 00556941-A2EE-415A-B15B-A170A8345DFA.jpgfor a long travel morning. When we got to the airport, we had enough time to order coffee and enjoy a warm breakfast. On the plane, I listened to music and drew up a 035D3C93-BBA2-4879-B4EE-9DEB06B107B8.jpgcouple of sketches that I stole from Pinterest to pass the time, which didn’t take long because the flight was only a few hours. We giggled and acted like children out of glee that we were finally going to Copenhagen. After long months of waiting and lots of planning later, we finally touched down in Denmark. This was only the start to our journey. We then attempted to find our way to the airbnb which included getting a transportation ticket, taking the trams, getting lost, finding a Starbucks to look up directions, getting lost again and having to ask for help, jumping on a bus, getting off this bus a few minutes later, dragging our luggage a few blocks on cobble stone and ruining the tires to our suitcases, and then carrying our three suitcases, two large duffel bags, and giant purses up ten flights of stairs.


Once we had settled in and caught our breath, we headed downstairs and around the corner for some lunch. We ended up going to a healthy little cafe and stuffing our faces with a warm bowl (Check out my blog post “Healthy Hunters” under the Study Abroad –> Foreign Eats section!)

Post food coma, we headed into town on some bikes the airbnb owner had stored away for his visitors to use. We were on a mission to go see the vibrant colored houses along the river which included getting lost, yet again. However, getting lost means seeing a lot of the city we wouldn’t have seen and Copenhagen is the place to get lost. We finally arrived, locked up our bikes, and ran around in joy. Faeln was in awe and Imogen took photos as we all soaked this moment in. The houses looked exactly like they do in the photos, bright-colored and beautiful. Wandering around the city more on our bikes, we grabbed a few snacks and headed in for the night to relax and recoup from our long day.


Day II

The exploration day- We made a friend today.


She was very friendly and seemed to give Faeln lots of love. She liked to follow us and keep up company as we walked around the block. Honestly, I’m not sure if the cat was a boy or girl, but we feel like we bonded with her.

6443DEA3-C391-4313-B430-E72A9C4FFC76.jpgHungry and preparing for a long day, we headed to GROD which was recommended by many for porridge. We all ordered a bowl and talked about our plans for the day (To see what we ordered and for more photos, visit my blog post “GROD” under the Study Abroad –> Foreign Eats section).


Next, we trekked on to go see The Little Mermaid. On this little trip, we got lost multiple times, but ended up finding her. The piece was made by Edvard Eriksen which is based on the fairy tale “The Little Mermaid”. For more information on this piece, visit this website:

Following the five-hour journey to The Little Mermaid and back to the airbnb, we rested our feet and got a late night snack at a local restaurant nearby. This included rolls, olives, and a green bean salad. Now time for bed before another long travel day to London.


The departure day – After a full nights rest, we grabbed some breakfast at a small cafe around the corner where we ordered a plate of humus and bread. Once we finished scrapping the last hummus off the plate with our forks, we headed back to the airbnb to pack and bring our bags down. From there, we journeyed to the airport and waited for our flight to London. That story it to be continued…


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