Who said you’re too old to visit the zoo? The last time I personally visited the zoo was when I was very young and can hardly remember the experience. So the trip was well needed, especially because of my love for animals. However, I am hesitant to go to zoo’s because of the controversies that have been raised about Sea World. All in all, I still went and enjoyed a packed day with friends.

First off, the zoo was HUGE! It felt as if we were walking around forever. It even included a lot of children interactive games, play area, and learning experiences. The only strange thing was that it would randomly rain… and by rain I mean pour. But only for a limited amount of time. I don’t want to give away too much about the zoo so go check it out for yourself!

My top three favorite parts:

  1. The Kangaroo Exhibit: This exhibit allows you to be in a large cage like area with several kangaroo’s and a zoo keeper who you can ask questions. For instance, I am a big animal fun fact girl so I asked the worker what fun facts she knew about kangaroos. She told me that kangaroos are one of two animals that has their babies prematurely. Wait what? Yes! They then keep their babies in their pouch until they mature and come to full term. Okay besides the point, but in this exhibit you are allowed to pet and touch the kangaroos if they come close to you. SO COOL!!!
  2. Stingrays: In this exhibit you could pet stingray simply by reaching your hands in a tank. Not going to lie, I only freaked out a little because I thought they were going to string me but don’t fret, they can’t harm you.
  3. The Prairie Dogs: These animals just cracked me up so of course they’re part of my top three favorite things. But as if this wasn’t enough, you can crawl through these tunnels and get right up close with them! Being a little child, I did this and surprised my friends by popping up in a clear glass tube near the back of the exhibit.


If you want more details on the zoo, be sure to check out their link at: http://www.pittsburghzoo.org


Thank you for reading!!

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